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Orphanage Cocktail Emporium

The Brief

Shaker was asked to create a unique and quirky menu to fit in with the concept of the venue. Orphanage were looking for unique ingredients, serving vessels, theatrical drinks and unique accompaniments

Menu Design

Shaker worked closely with our client to and worked on a small menu that could be changed regularly but would still keep the unique element. Shaker designed drinks that would get people talking and be entertaining and interactive.

Procurement and Product Sourcing

Shaker sourced all equipment, glassware, unique serving accompaniments, molecular chemicals and equipment for the new menu and was there to see the whole thing implemented on the opening night.


Shaker spend a few days with the orphanage bartenders training them on all the homemade & molecular ingredients and how to prepare & maintain it.

“Shaker was extremely helpful in getting Orphanage up and running with our original cocktail menu. They gave us some very forward thinking ideas and cocktails which helped us in turn to produce the quality of drink which we make on a daily basis.” – Raymond Edian, General Manager & Shareholder.