"Going above and beyond every step of the way Shaker will deliver you a competitive advantage that will have your customers praising your every move!!"

Inspirational and Educational Trainers

Shaker has a team of award-winning creative bartenders and trainers who are passionate about all things bar and drink, we pride ourselves on being experts in the business of drinks, the brands, the trade and the categories and work with some of the largest and smallest brands in the trade. We conduct inspirational and thought provoking training programs for national and international brands.

We are experts in designing mouth-watering cocktails and inspirational and educational training and offer bespoke training programs to drinks and lifestyle brands.

Shaker Brand Consultancy Services

  • Tasting Workshops and Forums
  • Spirit and Brand Masterclasses
  • Brand Demonstrations and Seminars
  • Exhibitions and Presentations
  • Cocktail and Brand Photography
  • Shaker Venue Hire