"Bar Consultancy South Africa - Shaker delivers bar consultancy services that ensure your establishment is a cut above your competition in presentation and service"

Welcome to shaker bar consutlancy south africa.

Here at Shaker South Africa we are able to offer an International Level of Bar Consultancy and Training for just about anyone in the Hospitality industry, from small coffee shops and cocktail bars to night clubs and large Hotel groups. At Shaker SA we aim to meet and even exceed the requirements of our clients, ensuring them a top level of quality in our work from corporate to private, Big or small, across Africa.

We combine our Professional BarSchool together with our elite events team to ensure what we deliver is not only contemporary but practical in the real world. We are: Passionate, Creative, Driven, Leaders …..we aim to be your partner not just your supplier.
It takes time to get to know a business and understand what makes it function well, we will spend that time as in the end there is no other way.  Shaker listens to their clients and this means not imposing or being brand biased but suggesting and recommending  the best possible solutions and options to our clients.

When it comes to world trends, we pride ourselves on keeping current and we are lucky to have the support from our operators based in Birmingham, London, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sydney and Muscat.

8 Reasons you need to be working with Shaker Bar Consultancy SA;

  1. Internationally recognised bar consultants and bartender training academies with a Global reach.
  2. World Class Bar Trainers in SA, UK, and worldwide, with a combined experience of over 100 years in the bar industry.
  3. Official members of SASCA, SABA, and training providers of the United Kingdom Bartenders Guild.
  4. Wine and Spirit Education Trust Approved Program Provider.
  5. Our Courses are approachable and designed to ease anyone into success.
  6. Shaker bar consultancy has inspired and educated 1000’s of hospitality professionals since 2001, some of which have won national and international bartender competitions and are now working in some of the best bars on the planet.
  7. Shaker’s Founder, Adam Freeth Adam Freeth is the author of Professional Bartending.
  8. Our consultants work hand in hand with multiple brands, building professional and successful relationships, allowing us to get the best support possible from them.

Get a feel for some of our bar consultancy expertise & insight from our bar consultancy blog. Its full of free and effective bar consultancy tips and tricks to boost your bars success and revenue. Also don't forget to check out our client case studies, see how our bar consultancy has benefited bars throughout the world ensuring they reach there potential and dominate their competition.

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